Tuesday, April 03, 2007

China's "post 1980s generation" to soon dominate consumer market

China's "post-1980s generation" or those from the age of 17-26 are gearing up to become a major voice in China's consumer market. These consumers have grown up in a very different scenario than a generation before and are clued in on the latest in technology and Internet. This generation is also trend conscious when it comes to fashion and follow trends in fashion with great enthusiasm, focusing on the "look" of a product rather than its features or functions. Thus cell phones and iPods are fashion accessories first, and communication and entertainment tools second.
Most "post-1980s" people were born in nuclear, one-child families. They usually have an independent and self-centered personality, think independently and have their own values. They are reluctant to be stereotyped and grouped; they try to develop their own unique personality and style. "I love it! This is my style!"

The Internet has become a way of life for the "post-1980s"generation. They spend a great deal of time and money on the Internet. QQ and MSN are one of their day-to-day communication tools. They also love online games and buy most of their consumer goods online.

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