Thursday, April 12, 2007

Brands targeting baby boomers do a rethink

The baby boomers have always been big business and several retailers have even opened new brands focusing on the baby boomer generation and for consumers over 35 but have not been able to get the right mix of merchandise and styling. Gap's Forth & Towne that targeted the 35+ consumer opened just 18 months ago and is already in the process of shutting down. Gymboree also announced that it was closing Janeville, its casual clothing wear brand focusing on baby boomers. American Eagle has seen disappointing sales in its Martin + Osa brand that caters to the 25-40 age bracket and is completely redoing the brand.
Stores are making a mistake in segregating boomers, said Candace Corlett, principal at WSL Strategic Retail, a retail consultancy. "The bodies may change, but the spirit is a lot slower to change," she said. "When you move into your 50s, you don't become less trendy. You may adjust because you have a different body, but it doesn't mean you abandon the looks you love."

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