Thursday, April 05, 2007

Access your Instant Messenger anywhere

It's easy enough to keep in touch using email when one is travelling, but quite a downer to access my Yahoo Messenger account since it needs to be downloaded first. I find that I have to let everyone know before I leave to not send me messages on Messenger, since I will not be checking it and to send me regular mails instead. It usually doesn't too well, since it's one more thing to remember for most people. So, I'm really excited to learn that there is a new service available which lets you access any of your Web Messenger applications without all the downloads. is a simple and extremely user friendly system where you can log into any of your Instant messenger applications without any downloads, Java plug-ins etc. All you need is to go to and log into your Instant messenger account and you will be able to use it as usual. The system works with Google Talk, AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, IRC and Jabber and the company will soon be introducing SMS and ringtone support too.


Anonymous said...

Great post,

KoolIM allows you to access Instant Messenger at work or school. Check out the KoolIM Web Messenger

You can access MSN web Messenger and Web MSN

You can access AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo and other web messengers directly from your web browser.

Shalini said...

Thanks! I love it since I use my Yahoo messenger all the time, which is not always available when I travel.