Monday, March 05, 2007

Working from home

I've been working at home for close to two years and I simply love it. I enjoy being able to decide when to work, can work extra hours on certain days and take other completely off. There's just no better way to work I think. A lot of people think, working at home, means not working at all, which is really very untrue. I end up working a lot more hours sometimes, simply because I am not in a rush to get back home and start the laundry or some such thing. I also work longer hours, simply because I love what I am doing and there's no better reason to work than that, right?

Finding work at home can be hard in the beginning, since you have to have some experience. Sometimes, one might find work but it could be shady or just another scam. One site which is a great resource for people working at home is, where you can find lots of information on finding a good reliable job. There's no fee to join, so have a look at the site and read some articles and tips on working at home.

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