Friday, March 02, 2007

Safety products for the road

I remember getting my US driving licence very clearly. I had borrowed my friend Lili's VW and went for the test before work one morning. While the written and driving test was very easy for me since, I'd already been driving for several years back home, I saw that there were others who were not doing as well. Marketers in the US have always been great at spotting out profitable areas and this was one such area. Safety products for student drivers is a niche segment that has been created from studying the need in the market, and has been quite successful since it meets the needs of consumers very precisely. I found a unique Park N Place garage parking system that would be a great item for a student driver. Safety products such as a tire gauge, emergency kits are things that we all should have in our vehicles, but often disregard. These products and many more specifically for student drivers such as the student driver magnets and lots of other safety products can be found at site VAT 19 site.


wilson said...

Interesting post. I apprieciate to u. Its really knowlegable post. I m also working for safety products. And I have more different types of safety products.
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Shalini said...

Glad you liked it, Wilson!