Wednesday, October 04, 2006

One stop crash help

Epiphan Systems has brought out a product that is going to significantly change the way technicians respond to site visits. With this new product, technicians only need to take the KVM2USB with them for administrative visits. This is a really handy tool that is roughly the size of a paperclip box along with your laptop and the cable that comes with the KVM2USB. The system is programmed to work with all computer systems including embedded systems.

Using this system, a technician can rapidly transmit VGA images from the host machine to the laptop and can simulate the laptop functions such as keyboard and mouse control so that administrators and technicians have access to fix the machines without any problem. The KVM2USB works with computers using Windows, Macintosh and Unix servers, medical and scientific lab equipment, ATM and slot machines.

Since the KVM2USB is an external device, it is easy to transport, simple to use and does not need a separate electrical outlet as it requires no additional power. The Epiphan Systems site has a full list of the KVM2USB Technical Specifications. The product comes with all its complete hardware and software and if required software development kits for specific applications are also available.

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