Thursday, October 05, 2006

Blood diamonds

It's not hard to ignore the irony that a diamond, a worldwide symbol of beauty comes from places of conflict, violence and often human rights abuses. If you enjoy the beauty of diamonds, gold and other precious stones but are concerned about the origin and source of your jewelry, then Brilliant Earth's conflict-free diamonds are for you.

The company sources its products from Canadian mines and all products are guaranteed to be from ethical sources, with no violence or human rights abuse associated with them whatsoever. The company sells eco-friendly rings by using only recycled gold, to avoid mining and its gem stones are all made using fair trade practices. Brilliant Earth does not use any conflict diamonds or "blood diamonds", sourced from places where the mining of diamonds has led to war, terrorism and environmental damage.

The company will be donated 5% of profits to help African countries that have been adversely affected by this diamond trade. A new movie called Blood Diamond to be release in December 2006, starring Leonardo DiCaprio has been made about these conflict diamonds and will raise awareness about the unethical sources for diamonds.

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