Saturday, October 07, 2006

A better way to trade in gold

Gold has always been a hot investment in India. From the time a child is born, gold is bought as an investment in the child's name for the future. Gold guineas and gold jewelry are the most popular forms of investment. The buying and selling of gold has been traditionally done at jewelry stores, some who have the latest machinery to test its quality and purity.

Billion Vault is a new concept that lets customers buy and sell gold bullion over the internet, from your choice of centers such as London, New York or Zurich. Using Billion Vault, individual customers can contact and conduct deals directly to buy or sell smaller quantities of gold bullion, which is not possible to do at larger companies who have a minimum 15-20 bar requirement. Billion Vault is one of the safest systems to store gold and still have the flexibility to sell the gold.

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