Monday, December 07, 2015

Traveling with kids

Travel has always been a big draw for me. If I am not traveling I am either browsing places to go to or already booking a vacation. Since having kids, it's been more of the former though! I want them to grow up with an ease of the world, to be able to fit in anywhere, to find their way in any city, to be comfortable no matter where they go. Unfortunately, it hasn't all gone to plan and they both love home food to the extent that they would often skip a new type of food than try it. Oh, it's been exasperating to convince them to even try the coconut curry, the blt, the vada, the stuffed parantha, the chicken burger....and on and on. So for now, I've stopped trying. I let them eat as little or as much as they want and not stress about nutrition etc. So we all enjoy the trip!!

 Looking out from our hotel in Jaipur!

 Racing to the toy train at the Chail Palace Hotel in Chail, Himachal.

Neemrana Fort. Impressive but hell on your delicate sandals. Tread with care!

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