Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Oh my, the blog is 10 years old!

It seems that my blog has turned into a flower photo blog!! But when I go home, I love to spend time in the garden and the beautiful flowers are hard to resist. The girls love being outdoors too, the little one relishes getting muddy which is very unlike the elder one who was always so particular about not getting dirty!! It's nice to see their similarities and differences!

In other news, this blog is 10 Years Old!!

Whoa, how did this happen! I really had no idea I would still, albeit occasionally, be doing this, when I started a blog in August 2004 when we lived in Bangalore. I read about blogging and weblogs in the paper, haha!! I remember always having to explain what a blog was, and why it was so interesting to blog in the first place!

Who can resist collecting some fallen Sada Bahaar! Not me!

A gorgeous variety of hibiscus.

Euphorbia might have thorns, but it's all-year-round blooms are worth it.


Haddock said...

Wow... 10 years is an appreciable year, especially for someone who keeps writing.
A good decade :-)

Shalini said...

Haddock, Thank you, Thank you! 2616 posts so far!

Jidhu Jose said...


Shalini said...

Jidhu, Thank you.