Monday, November 10, 2014

Kasauli, a trip down memory lane

A trip to Kasauli is always fun. It's a place that I've gone to innumerable times since I was a child and I love it still. Luckily, the town hasn't changed much, it's still a cantonment town so it's kept its original character of old British style bungalows, some maintained beautifully, others in rather a shabby state, but there isn't too much happening in the town, which limits the number of visitors who make it up the hill. Vehicles are not allowed on the upper mall in the evenings, so it's a nice place to walk with the kids and stroller.

View of the TV tower from Mount Walk which we gave up pretty quickly since the path was too rocky for the stroller.

There's always a great variety of geraniums at the Club. The back verandah is a favorite place to sit and relax for a while.

Old world simplicity in one of the cottages on the property.


Shikha said...

Lovely pics :) Ive been to kasuali as a child and have lovely memories of watching the lights of Chandigarh from there. Also such pretty green shoes !

Line Producer Mumbai said...

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Shalini said...

Shikha, Nostalgia!!
The shoes are from Lifestyle!

Line Producer, nice to see you here.