Tuesday, September 16, 2014

that feeling of home

So much has happened in the past year, that's its been so hard to keep up with it all. We had a new baby, we moved to a new country, our elder one started proper school, we set up home again! I remember before we moved in, when we were still searching and then once we found our current apartment, I would want to fast forward ahead to a few months to the moment when I could sit back with a cup of coffee in my hand, look around and sigh in happiness. I'm there. I do it every day. Every single day.

It gives me so much pleasure to have found a lovely house and to have set it up for my family. We already have so many memories here, of the little one sitting up, standing up, saying tata, crawling excitedly to the door when it's time for big sis to go to school! It's these memories that we are making every single day that make the house into a home, to a memorable place. The elder one is just 4 but remembers our old apartment in Dubai so clearly, she relishes telling me how her room was, what she did, where she danced and colored. It's simply beautiful to hear her. Now it's time for new memories in our new home.

My morning coffee break is what I aim for when I wake up at 530am!!

The kids room! A large format print of an old photo of mine taken at the IHC in New Delhi.The carpet is a beloved relic from my childhood. I love seeing the girls play on it every afternoon. It's made of cotton so it's washable and its really soft to walk on, not rough like a durrie.


Shikha said...

Thanks for liking my work :) This is a lovely post. Look forward to reading more about your new home :)

Shalini said...

Thank Shikha. Its nice to get back to blogging again.