Monday, February 17, 2014

Hello, Hi!

Oh dear, where did December, January and almost all of February disappear? Has it really been that long? Its been hectic, hectic and more hectic, but I've tried to take time out and have some fun in between as well. That's what life is about isn't it. To make each day count. Some photos from December.


shilpa said...

the last picture tugs at your heart!

and such pretty pretty flowers all around :)

Shalini said...

I couldn't believe that hadnt downloaded photos since December. I had forgotten all about these, so it was quite a treat to see.

Adorable Bad Guy said...

Beautiful flowers. The last one is yet to rise and shine! Man is she grown up already?

Hope you are settling in well.

I recently relocated to UAE. Will seek some tips on life here... For now its wet here. Quite a sight what a little rain can do to a city.

Shalini said...

Abg, how interesting that you moved to the uae! Ask away...use the contact me link if you'd like. I cannot comment on your blog for some reason

Yes, growing up quick. Almost 4 now! Unbelievable!