Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the long weekend

 We did the Dubai tourist thing at the start of the Eid looong weekend. We battled the crowds at Dubai mall, seriously people, how did all of you coordinate to be there that day? We saw 5 shows of the dancing fountains.....E was ecstatic about them, so how could I resist! We had planned to eat at The Cheesecake Factory, but then remembered that they don't take reservations, and really who wants to wait for over an hour staring at the fish, and of course the thousands of people wandering aimlessly and also staring at the fish, so we went for the next best option, TGIF. Which turned out to be a nicer option, since one gets this great view of the fountains.

 And then they danced for us. I love the music they pick for the fountains. It varies from western classical to The Magnificent Seven (which I got on video) and some really emotional Arabian themes. When I watch them, I feel like I'm a kid again.

 Some weekend relaxation....and eating leftover Strawberry Buttermilk Cake that I had made for E's Eid party at school.

 Breakfast at The Lime Tree Cafe, our third try for a good breakfast. We'd originally wanted to have breakfast at a new cafe/culinary school in our neighborhood, but it was closed for the Eid break, so we went to Cafe Nero next door, but they only had pre-packaged stuff for breakfast, so we headed to Lime Tree instead. And this was our number!

Poached eggs on toast with hollandaise sauce. E and my breakfast. Not so keen on the slightly shaky poached eggs, would have preferred fried or even half-boiled, but for some reason one cannot choose anymore. Still it was a good breakfast, and E had plenty to play with after she ate, some books and puzzles and the best of all, some cats outside :-)

PS: Did you know that malls were open 24 hours for the Eid weekend! And the one before it as well!


Tessy said...

spectacular photo of the dubai fountain, nice post and blog

Shalini said...

Thank you Tessy.

Shalini said...

thanks Tessy.