Sunday, October 21, 2012

our days....

A new week and a short one at that. The holiday weekend is coming up, so it's going to be a short countdown....just mon, tue and wed! And then a four day weekend! Happy days!
 Afternoon light streaming into the room, all the way across the bed and to the wall on the opposite side. I love it. It's such a treat to enjoy the sunshine inside the house. We get a lot of it, but when it's too hot, it's not as welcome as it is these days. But I do have to add, I love the angle our apt faces. Firstly we're on the corner, so not only do we get lots of light, we get to see the sunrise as well as sunset. But best of all, we get very little sunlight in the house from April to Sept, but lots and lots of it during the colder months. We moved into this house 2 years ago at the beginning of October, and I was so happy to see the sun streaming across the rooms, but dreaded the onset of summer, but I was so happy to see the sun go overhead instead.

 Little blooms that make a difference....a sprig of a flowering hedge and some bougainvillea surrepetiously plucked as I walked back home from school. And an old handkerchief, probably 50 years old, bought by my grandmother. I have it in several colors and only use them as props or when I wear sarees. Then it fits in, instead of looking costume-y.

Hard at work coloring away. It's become a daily activity now, she loves it so much, and I love it even more! I try to time her coloring session with my cup of tea/coffee :-)

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