Monday, September 17, 2012

rainy day picnic

Last month we had a lovely rainy day picnic when I was home for a holiday. It's the monsoon season after all! It was an impromptu picnic at the farm of old family friends who invited us over. The day started off as overcast, but it started raining as we left home but it was a nice steady drizzle, not a downpour. We all sat in the gazebo, eating eggs and sausages, yes did I mention it was a breakfast picnic, then graduating to beer! Well, that's the sign of a good vacation isn't it, drinking beer at 1045 in the morning! I really enjoyed catching up with old friends, seeing the kids that I first saw as newborns, now quite grown up, almost teenagers!
On our way, driving to our picnic in the rain!
Surrounded by fields of corn and fruit trees.
An umbrella hanging on the gazebo. This is one of the car umbrella's so gets to travel with us where ever we go!

What's up with the Blogger interface? The photos show up as broken icons, and they keep moving around and suddenly my 3 photos become 4 and they just never stay in one place? I'm not bothering to enlarge the photos, since I've had to redo this post 4 times now just to get it to look decently aligned.

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