Monday, September 17, 2012

is being musically inclined inbuilt?

It is isn't it! These days my daughter is so into music. Actually, she's always loved music and beats of any kinds, she connects to it immediately. As all parents do, I too wonder what she will be when she grows up, and I wonder if it will be related to music. I would love it to be. It seems to give her so much joy and us as well. So maybe things like hot rodded humbucker sets, Invader pickups, distortion humbucker set and so on will be in her future! Whoa, I thought, these are all really technical, but then one goes beyond them to see how they create music and these seymour duncan pickups musicians friend are about creating beautiful music. I always wanted to learn guitar, and well piano too, but never got started on the former and gave up after a couple of months on the latter, so it would be great to see her get familiar with things like seymour duncan pickups and stuff like that!

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