Monday, September 17, 2012

craving for winter

Living in a place where one uses the AC almost the entire year, makes me really miss the change of seasons. For us, it's just hot, hotter, hot and humid, hotter and humider, ok not so hot anymore, ah quite cool, and that's it! Even though it does cool down in the winters, enough for even sweaters in the evenings, one can't really keep the windows open since we live in a highrise. So the solution is to keep the AC on, which negates any kind of temperature change outside the window. I find it boring to use a comforter all year round. I'd love to switch to a heavier comforter for the winter, maybe something cozier in flannel, maybe some rustic bedding to make it feel like we're still in New England. Now that would be quite a stretch of imaginations, right!

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