Tuesday, September 11, 2012

back home...

Well, here I am, back after ages. It's been a really hectic time and it was good to be completely offline for a while. It's hard to stay completely disconnected with ones email, but I had no time to surf or read online at all, but I was completely fine with that. On other trips, after a while, I itch to be back online, but this time around, I relished my free time by spending it with actual people, instead of listening half heartedly and pecking away constantly at the computer. E loved being at home and meeting so many more people on a daily basis. I just doesn't happen out here, living by ourselves, no matter how hard we try. Her highpoint of the trip was being able to go out in the car every single day. She would start of in the morning itself, saying car, car, car, and for her new fave snack croissants. She simply adores them, and I have to literally hide them from her, else she can go on and on eating them. She loves cars and recognizes her nana's car easily! Do I see custom car seat covers and all that in her future? I wonder if she'll always be this fond of cars when she grows up! ps: she loves to call taxi's out here in dxb, I really have to watch out for her. One minute, we're walking down the street, and the next, she's hailed a taxi so sweetly!

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