Sunday, July 08, 2012

a new week

Sunday, and the start of a new week! Since we moved to Dubai almost 5 years back (yes, really, 5 years in August), I've loved our Fri+Sat weekends. I love having the first day of the weekend as the completely free day, where there is no possibility of doing any errands etc, since everything is closed. So every Friday, we can really chill without having to keep even a little bit of the day for "work". Saturdays are usually more hectic since we go out, to eat, to explore, to shop and to have fun. And while Sundays are regular working days, they don't seem to pinch at all, since by then we've had a great weekend and are ready for the week ahead.

Unmade bed=weekend! Pale afternoon light in the bedroom. Leaving the bed unmade on the weekend has been and unspoken rule between the hubby and me, but now that E is getting more aware of things, we're going to have to rethink it!

A little craft/painting/thingy/thing that I did last-last weekend (yes, I'm a bit behind on the photos). I just taped some electrical tape on the bottles in a zig zag pattern and painted the gaps in-between. Simple and quick!
The bottles at night along with my ready-made tray of candles. I find it handy to have a few candles on a tray, easier to dust, easier to move around.

Flatbread recipe that I read about on A Beautiful Mess. You've got to try it out, it's quick and delicious.

ps: my oh my, a weekend catch up of photos and none of E!


shilpa said...

almost blasphemous that there is no shot of E :D

lovely pictures, and nice to know you take a day to unwind and recover from the weekend before plunging into the constant banter that flickr is!

Shalini said...

Ha ha ha! Was looking through my old posts and I felt there was too much of her, so decided to forego this time.

Thank you. I really do need my time away from the comp.....and constantly checking mail, comments and new posts.