Thursday, July 12, 2012

in a cafe

Taking photos in unexpected places often gets nice results. Even in run of the mill places, like a cafe, in a mall. I love the roof at Festival City here in Dubai, which always gives me the feeling that one is outdoors, something that's just not possible in the miserably hot and humid summer months.

Sitting by the gently falling water, enjoying being among all the plants, even though it was indoors. 

Looking up at the roof. It's like a frosted glass kind of effect, gentle sun-dappled like warming us from the ever-present chill of the ac.


niru said...

Hi Shalini, that's a lovely roof. Just found your blog and its lovely!

Mom with a Dot said...

The way you describe it somehow reminds me of the Dubai Airport.

Purvi said...

Even i love such places where they have trickling in sunshine :)
great pics

Shalini said...

Thanks Niru!

Mom with a Dot, it's all so similar isn't it.

Purvi, :-)