Tuesday, July 03, 2012

a busy week

The past week has been really busy for me. I've been up late most nights working and using E's afternoon nap to work as well. So I've missed out on reading and catching up with all the blogs I love to visit. It's our annual audit time for the hubby's company and I've been going quite mad trying to find and organize all the receipts, bills, invoices and so on.

It's almost done now...at least my part is almost done.....will finish off the last bits today and send all the files, virtual and physical to the auditor. Whew! The lesson to be learned is that I need to stop procrastinating. I've had to do a whole year's work in the past week, just because I didn't do it at the end of each month, like I used to in past years.

I place the blame on E for stealing my time. what to do, but I'm like that.

And there she is out an a walk, holding on to her father's hand. I don't know what this hedge is, but it smells really beautiful.

I bought some small tart tins, I just couldn't resist, and they were even on sale, so I got some rounds and hearts! And once I had them I had to make something with them, so made a little chocolate pudding pie to fill in them. ps: I didn't have the whole thing.....shared it with the hubby! Love is sharing and all that stuff.

Pineapple, yummy, juicy, luscious pineapple in the window one evening. It's really nice to have it peeled and sliced at the store, so all one does is have to eat it!


Jidhu Jose said...

nice pics

shilpa said...

this is a lovely post. you never let the stress show this week. impressed :)

i hope, you are generous enough to serve me the whole teeny tart. portion control is only for the regular khan :D

did you figure out how it is to reply individually to comments in blog post?

Shalini said...

Thank you Jidhu.

Shilpa, thank you. I think when I get more stressed, I like to be more on flickr, just to take my mind off the work. Plus, the kind of work it is, required concentration of the kind that I can only manage when E is not around, so had to limit it to when she was sleeping.

Yes, yes, have the whole thing. If there is anyone who deserves it, it is you, and only you!

reply individually to comments? what is that about?

Jyoti said...

Beautiful pictures as usual.. I love the pie picture.. Very inviting.. Good to know that your part of work is over.. relax a bit..I can imagine how it is with a toddler around

Haddock said...

Procrastinating is everybody's curse I suppose.
That tart looks good and so is the coffee.