Tuesday, June 19, 2012

walking wisdom

Everyday when we go for a walk, I see pretty much everyone connected to earplugs. I'm not an earplugs kind of girl. In fact, I think I have used the iPod with earplugs just once, on a walk through a cardamom plantation early in the morning. But that's another story. I only use the iPod with the speaker base, just a regular music system, that's all. But, if I were to use it otherwise, I'd much rather go for some really cool Monster headphones instead of a dinky pair of earplugs. Nothing against the small earplugs, but I just don't like the idea of them that's all. Just too fiddly for me. I see people jogging with some cool headphones here, total jamming dj ones, and interestingly, the people wearing them always look happier too.

ok, sorry about the title, there really wasn't any wisdom in all that, but you know.....


shilpa said...

some time ago, my f-i-l asked how long the charge remains for these phones that play music, and, i said, i have no idea i listen to songs on tv. he looked at me incredulously!

if you are walking, walk, if your listening to music listen at home, is my policy :D

Shalini said...

And see, here's the wisdom of it all. It would be nice to go back to the old ways. Sometimes everything seems wonky....we read books on kindles, listen to music from phones and tvs, see movies on the computer and so on.