Saturday, June 02, 2012


What an interesting weekend we are having! What happened was that on Thursday morning the TV would come on with the remote, and since the earlier batteries hadn't been changed fast enough, they had leaked, so I figured ok, the remote is gone. I had put in a DVD for E and so I turned the TV on manually, but I couldn't figure out go to make it go to AV2, and since I had fiddled with it already, all I was getting was snow. Oops!

Anyway, we decided, no big deal. Let's stay without the TV for a while! And we did! Till this morning, when I called for an electrician to change some of the bulbs that had fused (seriously, I'm not being lazy, the hanging lights in each room are really high up, really heavy and really awkward to remove). So along came an electrician, who changed all the fused bulbs and fiddled with the TV long enough to figure out how to go from snow to AV1 for the DVD and AV2 for cable! Alls well that ends well!

My daughter walking ahead of me very purposefully!

Gulmohar leaves and a skyscraper in the neighborhood.

Evening light in the entrance of our building. Love the glow.

Pottering around the house and taking random shots.

Some popsicles made from yogurt and black cherries. Not as nice as I'd want them to be, a bit too crunchy for me, so still working on finding a better recipe. But really, after a hot walk, this is what really feels nice when I come back home. 


Mom with a Dot said...

Popsicles - YuMM ......and so healthy too

Shalini said...

Yes, yummy, healthy and so easy to make too!