Thursday, June 28, 2012

girls and boys

As a mother of a girl, I'm always amazed at the difference between girls and boys in how they play. They're completely different. We'd gone for a little birthday party for a 4 year old boy, a little fellow that I've seen since he was a newborn, and boy oh boy, the difference in the way they perceive things and act them out is so different. My daughter E (who is 2 years old), started off cautiously at the play area where the party was being held, mostly staying close to us initially, then bit by bit extended her territory. The boys on the other hand, were running all over the place (granted they were all older than her), not misbehaving but still so boisterous.

After a while, E started to explore further and further, eventually not caring about us at all, disappearing from our view. The staff was really great, keeping watch on her, encouraging her to try new things. On her own, my little helper started to collect the stray balls from the ball pit, collecting them in baskets.


shilpa said...

lovely dress on E, as is always the case :)

oh. yes. boys and girls could only be from mars and venus respectively. but, despite all the boisterousness, boys need courage and support. girls, though cautious, are innately stronger. i feel. in this experiment that is my life :D

Shalini said...

Thank you! The dress was a gift, "as is always the case"! Seriously, I haven't bought any clothes for her for ages.

That's very good insight, esp about the boys. You always get it's all an experiment.

Mom with a Dot said...

As a young aunt, I remember getting impatient with my sister who back then, talked about boy games and girl games regarding her daughter. Having a boy and a girl of my own, now I know what she was saying. Its true. They are very different.

Rondrita said...

so true!!! i remember my mom said me once, the nature has its own eqilibrium and so are the thoughts of boys and girls. Its natural. That's how the genders perceive things differently & react accordingly. :)

indian yarn said...

i love your pictures - great frames

Shalini said...

Mom with a Dot, Yes, until you have kids of your own, one often doesn't realize how they need different stimuli.

Rondrita, thats a nice way to put it. thank you.

Indian yarn, thank you.