Saturday, June 02, 2012

can you see me strumming away!

Okay, own up. Don't you have some sort of secret (or not so secret) desire to play an instrument. I do! I've tried a host of them, from harmonium and sitar in school, piano in college, but I really was not able to stick with any of them. So, yesterday when I was coming up after a walk, I saw a sign posted in the lobby about guitar lessons. Can you imagine, right here, in my building, just a lift away, guitar lessons, actual guitars! Okay, maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself here.

I mean, I really do want to learn an instrument, and why not guitars, something really cool and rockstar-ish like a danelectro guitar! I looked it up....yes, I did! It's apparently got a cool vintage bass sound to it, oh my, you're making it harder for me, aren't you! It's got a distinctive style and tone that many guitar enthusiasts look for, but it's also more stable like modern versions, so it's easier to play. Just imagine strumming confidently on the rosewood fingerboard, to fireside classics and maybe some classic van halen!! Ooooh, exiciting! Now for the hard part. Scheduling, scheduling, scheduling. Yeah, I know, it's going to be sad, if that's why I can't do it. Wait, there's the matter of price too. Really so tempting, especially in the hot summer months!

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