Monday, March 19, 2012

waiting around

It's been a really hectic time lately, but in a very fun way. My long break is going really well, and I've been able to do a lot of the things that were pending for a long time. Such as take an afternoon nap, read the paper on the same day and so forth! Yeah, yeah fun stuff! In between, e got sick so that was a testing time for me, since she needed me to comfort her all the time. Such a beautiful thing that a child needs you so much when they are ill, but it does exhaust you. We visited a couple of doctors too, and that always exhausts me even more. All was fine, but we spent so much time waiting around that I thought, it's time to find a new and less busy doctor. E and me wandered around quite a bit...yeah, she was in high spirits the day we were at the doctors, and interestingly I found that they had all their equipment from the US, such as the Howard Medical medical computer, the trays, the weighing machines and everything else too. See, how much time I had waiting around!


Jyoti said...

Now that your camera is out of work for sometime.. do churn up some rambling posts.. Hope E is doing good now

Shalini said...

Really, that's what I should be doing, but you know ever since I started doing the photo posts and series, I can't seem to churn out more than a few lines. Total block.

Thanks so much for asking...yes, she's doing well!