Monday, March 12, 2012

the past few days

Each day goes by with a kind of quiet happiness. I'm doing pretty much the same thing everyday, following E's usual routine, but it's not getting boring, instead it comes with it's own sense of peacefulness. The weekends have been lively, we've been going out for relaxed lunches, some shopping, some wandering about and even a cricket match.

My mid-morning coffee on E's rocking horse. I love having my daily cup of coffee once E is ready and heads out to play....then I sit back with a nice hot cup and do what I want to a book, browse mags, watch tv, flickr or blog! Sounds leisurely, doesn't it! That's why I love coming home for a loooong stay, apart from the regular vacation :-)

Chrysanthemums against the window in the dining room. Love how they catch the light. And I love how I have time to wander around the house and catch the light as it drifts across the house.

Watching a cricket match between my f-i-l's old school. Good fun and a perfect Sunday activity!

E playing with my m-i-l's ring when we were in the car. This girl loves jewelry. She wears her wooden and fabric bangles everyday and if she could would wear a ring or two as well!


Jyoti said...

Beautiful captures.. I love the thought behind each of the pictures

Shalini said...

Thank you Jyoti. I love to document the little things in my life like this!