Thursday, March 01, 2012

day 1 // up

Taking a bold step and participating in a daily photo challenge. I love taking photos and take them everyday, but I never download them on a daily basis...usually once a week is what I do, so doing a daily photo challenge means daily downloading and uploading. But, I think this is the perfect time to do it, since I am relatively free being at home.

Ok, so here goes. The word for today is I took this shot in the morning...on the balcony. Yup, a bit of a lazy way to start the challenge, but if I didn't take it then, I would have had to wait till 530pm or so till I could have gone down to the gardens. Hmmm, so what was I so busy with since I've just said I'm not doing much? Well, a nice long massage, then a nice long bath, then some play time with my baby. Solid enough reasons, aren't they!

On a more serious note, I am looking forward to challenging myself to new topics, being inventive and creative thanks to the challenge. Interested in taking part? Get the list here on Fat Mum Slim.

I must say, that I would never have considered it were it not for my dear friend Shilpa doing it last month.  Thank you dearie! You're in my thoughts. Come back fast and with a smile.


~mE said...

Yay ! i love this challenge.
Ive been doing it for 2 months now :)
but sharing it in different spaces :)
All the best for the challenge

Shalini said...

Thanks S! I'm excited about it too...and hope I can continue with the excitement till the end.