Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ah Goa!

To me Goa is not just a destination, it's a state of mind! And I love being in a Goa-state-of-mind, wandering everywhere in flip flops, chilling at the beach, religiously watching the sunset from the beach each evening, eating yummy seafood and drinking my fill of Pina Coladas and shandy with Kings beer.

Yes, a wonderful state of mind to be in :-)

Such a typical Goan sight...a cross hanging from the rear view mirror of the car, but so charming nevertheless.

Old Goa....seen before so we didn't do the usual tourist circuit, instead drove to the lesser known places until we found a nice cafe serving chilled beer!

Breakfast overlooking the sea. Loved the dining area of the resort.

Sunset from the dining area of our resort.

Loved all the greens outside our room, and hearing the waves wash up to the beach.

Sunset on Bambolim beach. I couldn't resist taking this shot of them taking shots of each other.


shilpa said...

i also love to be in a Goa state of mind and heart always! eight years of marriage and three trips to Goa - go figure :D

Sudha said...

one of my must-see destinations...wish to go there soon :).have fun S and share more of ur lovely pics

Shalini said...

Shilpa, yes, no number of trips to Goa is enough in my mind! I've been there 5 times so far!

Sudha, oh, yes, it's definitely a place to go and relax.

356 Tage said...

I have never been to Goa - but I have been in the Goa headspace and I crave it!