Friday, February 17, 2012

afternoons in the sunshine

Home. A lovely word and an even lovlier place to be. I'm enjoying my time off, reveling in not having to do any housework, decide meals (apart from requesting my favorite things to be made!) and everything else that makes up the usual daily grind. Here are some sights from home, my sunshine filled afternoons and the little things that made me happy.

Pale afternoon sunshine streaming across the headboard. I simply love how much sunshine we get in our bedroom. I streams into the room from noon to sunset, and I have the best naps in the sunshine! 

Some simple wooden toys I got for E from the mela. She's been enjoying playing with them, mostly making them kiss each other :-))

She fell asleep holding a balloon one afternoon. Here's it's just slipping out of her grasp!

Warm sunshine making my stole glow.


shilpa said...

the glowing stole made me hold my breath and the one with the E is so sweet and vulnerable!

Shalini said...

Thanks so much!

Franka said...

So lovely peeks!

♥ Franka