Tuesday, December 06, 2011

the worth of a full night's sleep

To me a full night's sleep is the most precious thing. Till I had a baby and lost an enormous amount of sleep, I never realized how much for granted we take this most simple aspects of our lives. And I find it really, really hard to function straight without a full quota of sleep, so much so that we're considering getting a new mattress just so that we get a better night's sleep even though it's not always a full night's sleep. Well, I can't just blame it on my not-so-little baby, since I'm up late into the night working too, so it's not her fault that I don't get enough sleep. But seriously, she loves to jump on our bed, so maybe that's why we're considering a new mattress, maybe just a foam mattress to put on top of our current one. Oops, there I go again blaming her!

And of course, she doesn't like the way I'm thinking, since she's stirring and kicking around...I'm listening to the monitor as I write this post. You know the whole, mother-baby bond thing, for us it extends to her knowing when I'm about to go to sleep.....she might be fast asleep, but as soon as I lie down, she decides to wake up. And, each and every time, I tell my hubby, oh you know she hugged me like this today, she thinks I need another such hug right away and wakes up. I love the mother-baby bond, but can we pass on these kind of instances, E?


Purvi said...

I love my 8 hrs of sleep and I do not sleep early and my husband gets up early no matter when he sleeps... poor guy has now given up on me getting up early and going for morning walks :) :)

Shalini said...

Oh yes, the lack of sleep thing may be the worst part of parenthood. Well, that and watching your babies grow up and not need you anymore (but that's also the best part).

Shalini said...

Purvi, you lucky girl....8 hours, undisturbed....absolute bliss.

Interestingly, I found that I could always get up early for my walks before I had a baby....just because it wasn't something that I had to do, but something that I wanted to do.

Amazing how the mind works, isn't it!

Shalini, I like how you put it. I do love her needing me, but I do love my sleep too.

sunny said...

I don't have a baby, but I have had a couple months of waking each night (well, morning) from 1 to 3 AM and then trying to function the next day without much sleep. I love sleep. Hope you get some soon!

Shanthi said...

Sleep - My eight hours I loooooove that and I make sure I get it . I am a late bird too - waking up late into the night :-). First congrats for the baby. When I got my first baby, a friend of mine asked me how do you feel being a mother - I said "I realise the real value of my mother and all her sleepless nights" :-). At the same token - enjoy them as they are all yours now. Once they grow up and go - we just wait for them to come home and that is not fun :-).

Shalini said...

Sunny, that must have been tough....it would be so frustrating just trying to fall asleep.

Shanthi, my "little baby" is 19 months old now....she sleeps well, but I do miss the good old days when I could decide when to sleep and when to wake up.....especially the waking up part.

That's a nice perspective to have....yes waiting for them to come back home wouldn't be a fun thing to do!