Tuesday, December 20, 2011

on The Walk at JBR

Photos from the National Day holidays. Long overdue, but here they are. We spent the day at The Walk on JBR. It was busier and noisier than normal, but still fun. We had a little picnic on the beach and then watched some of the performances by Emarati dancers, drank some Arabic coffee, which to me still tastes like tea, got some balloons for E and generally had a nice leisurely day out.

Some info about JBR or Jumeirah Beach Residence. It's a huge residential development near Dubai Marina, facing the beach and with lots of cafes and restaurants. There are two levels...the lower level is called The Walk, which is where most of the lively stuff takes place. The upper level is mostly for residents and has some grocery stores and the usual laundry, pharmacy, gym, day care center mix. To give you an idea of it's size, there are 5 Starbucks in JBR alone!

Love the view up from here....even though I think it's a bit claustrophobic. This is the upper level which is mostly for residents, but we like to go up there for some quiet time away from the noise. We spent some time up here for E's lunch, so she could eat in peace.

As we reached the stairs going down to The Walk and the beach beyond.

There are lots and lots of cafes and restaurants here...everything from gourmet burgers to Turkish to French and more. This one, The Butcher Shop and Grill has some mean burgers on its menu.

Arabic coffee, which really tastes like tea to me. Strong stuff though.

After a while the noise got too much, so we went up one level. I think the performance was just finishing at this time....the stage is in the center in white. 

Clowns blowing up free balloons. This one really scared E, who wouldn't let go of my hand for quite a while. 

E trying to eat my french toast. Inspired by a certain Miss S, who tempted me with snow covered french toast. Ours were simple....although I did drizzle a bit of jam on this one :-)


shilpa said...

he he he french toast always makes a weekend special :)

nice pictures of your holiday :)

Shalini said...

Thanks Shilpa. I added the link to your photo....hope that's ok.

That photo was more recent....couldn't resist adding one of E like I usually do.

shilpa said...

catching little snippets of E always bring a smile on the face :)

but, of course, it is ok. i am here only for the fame ;P

Shalini said...

I love your photos. :)

Purvi said...

that sure is a great way to spend the holidays :)

Shalini said...

Of course, of course! You totally deserve it :-)

Shalini said...

Thanks Shalini and Purvi!