Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas to everyone! Some shots from my home from the last week. I did just the very bare minimum of decoration, and enjoyed the crafting fun, although it was such a rush-rush. The good thing is that after a while, I won't remember the rush-rush part, just the lovely things.

Growing up, Christmas meant a party with Santa at the club where we'd be given the presents we asked for in our letters to Santa. As we grew into teenagers, the high point of Christmas turned to the dance parties that we loved to attend. In my college years in the US, I remember going on drives to see the lights and decorations in people's houses. Now, as a small family, we are enjoying making our own little rituals for Christmas with our daughter, who hopefully one day will fondly look back on these days.

Every morning we start off our days listening to some old time music, Paul Anka, Engelbert, Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond. They all take me back to childhood days, even though all of them were all considered old time music even when I was growing up, but we still listened to them and loved them. I hope my daughter does the same.

A lovely star that I made one night. It was fun and easy to do and I love how it looks hanging in my home, especially in the morning light. Inspired by Kay.

Some paper lanterns that didn't turn out like I wanted them to be, so a blurry photo is how I'm going to remember them. Nicer this way! 

Home baked apple make the home smell lovely and warm our bellies. 
Merry Christmas to you and yours. Banner from Love Mae's Studio of Mae. Simple and Sweet. And free. The spirit of Christmas.


shilpa said...

the banner is beautiful, the colors lovely. and, OMG, that star in the sunlight ... magical ... just like Christmas is, magical :)

Shalini said...

Oooh, that was quick. I went back to write more on the post....and saw that you had commented already!'s all because of the generous spirit of so many people on the internet.

Yes, the spirit of Christmas is magical, and so tangible too. I find that magical in itself.

sunny said...

The star is beautiful! I love that photo!!!

GB said...

Love that star. Hope you have a lovely christmas.

PS: Christmas parties at the DSOIs used to be the best. your mention of them brought back lovely memories.

PPS: LOVE Neil Diamond! :)

Franka said...

Merry Christmas for you and your family!

♥ Franka

Shalini said...

Merry Christmas Shalini!

Purvi said...

That is such a pretty star :) and i am sure your daughter will remember these small little rituals very fondly :)

Shalini said...

Thanks Sunny!

Gagan, Oh yes, DSOI parties were the best. That dance floor was so huge!

Thanks Franka, hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!

To you too, Shalini!

Purvi, thank you so much for that, it is exactly why I want to do these things every year :-)