Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nerja: put it on your travel list for 2012

Nothing like the end of a year to take time to look back on what you accomplished. And, nothing like the beginning of a new year to get started on another year to do things, go places, see things and enjoy life. Travel was one aspect that we didn't do much of this year since our baby was still quite a little baby, but this year, we hope to rectify that.

I'd really love to explore new places this year, take more leisurely vacations instead of rush-rush trips checking sights seen off a list as if they were items on a grocery shopping list. That's not how to enjoy a vacation, is it? That's just making it something that you want to get over, not relish as a good vacation should be relished.

The way I like to vacation now is to take a little cottage or suite or even apartment rentals so it's like a home away from home where one can settle in comfortably. No daily shifting to a new destination, rushing on tour buses, running through museums for me. I'd rather take in the sights at my ease. As for the destinations, I'd love to go to a nice warm place, somewhere with history and culture, a place that has great food and of course a nice cafe culture, so I'm quite drawn to Spain, specifically Nerja, which I heard about from our friends who visited it recently.

Quite frankly, I'd never heard of it before, but after hearing about it, and of course Googling it, I thought it looked like a really great place to visit, full of interesting nooks to explore, beautiful beaches, museums and shopping. Located on the Costa del Sol in Andalusia, in Southern Spain, Nerja seems to have a great mix of old and new, touristy and authentic, all of which make for a great destination. The few things that really intrigued me about Nerja were the ancient Roman aqueduct and the primitive cave paintings which were discovered in 1959.

Looking for some Nerja apartments was so much fun that I felt like I was on vacation already. It was so tempting to book some flights to Nerja and fly off to this beautiful spot right away. I love traveling to new places, and I love to look at homes from across the world, so looking for a perfect holiday villa was the best of both!


Haddock said...

Agree with you on that (no rush rush visit)
As for Spain, the small villages in the interior are most interesting than the main cities.
We had been to Piedralaves and La Adrada in Avila Province.
What an experience! (have written about in Sept 8th blog)

Shalini said...

Yes, that's the best way to travel isn't it! Thanks for the info.

The Cute Corner House said...

Thats such a beautiful house...totally up my alley..Could love there forever :-))

Thanks for sharing info about Nerja.

Shalini said...

The Cute Corner, exactly why I chose that photo. I'd love to spend some time there too :-)