Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yay for consumerism!

Ok, so because I apparently talk about things I use, buy and own, I am now a ShopSquad shopping expert!! Ask me anything and everything you want to, where I got E's books, to her cute dresses---oh no, those are made only for her, so no one else can have them----, the art on my walla, the camera I use, clothes, music, furniture, anything and everything. Talking about camera's, I currently use the Canon G11. It's a nice step up from my old point and shoot 5mp camera, as it has some of the dslr functions, so I can kind of try my hand at them, while I convince myself to take the plunge and go for a dslr next time around. But seriously, if you love photography, then having the G11 is really great, since it's not as bulky as an dslr, but comes up with really great shots. I use it on Auto most of the time, but have started to experiment with the other slr-like functions, and have been pleased with the results. Ok, so if you want to take a look at the Canon G11 here are some details.

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