Monday, October 31, 2011

the week that flew by

And again, the week has gone by so fast, and it's the end of October. Sometimes I think that if I didn't take so many photos of the little daily things, I might not even remember all that we did in the week. Partly due to the routine, partly due to the monotony of it all, and throw in a tired mommy with a fading memory, and the mind is like a blank slate. So, it's thanks to these photos that I remember, the little picnics we had, sitting on the grass and munching on a freshly baked baguette. I had forgotten what a welcome the streaks of sunlight give me when I make my way out to the lake through the parking lot. I had forgotten that one morning, while E slept, we had a nice relaxing cup of tea as the steam made it's way up lazily.

Our morning tea, a ritual I find so lovely, so endearing, and so heartwarming. It's probably because of all the years of seeing my parents take it so seriously. Now, it's my turn. And I'm loving it. Preserving it for E's memories.

Evening streaks of sunshine in the parking lot by the lake. It even makes the concrete worth looking at again.

A little picnic on the grass. Kicking off shoes, reveling in the fresh air, tasting the warm bread, and listening to E's delight every time she sees a dog.

Elisha at the window in her room, which gets fabulous afternoon and evening light. She can carry off polka dots anywhere!


Shalini said...

I don't know why, but I love photos of shoes in the grass. There is probably a therapy group for this.

Patricia Torres said...

Gosh Shalini.. such a big girl.. so soon.. HOpe you are enjoying every single minute..

Shalini said...

@shalini, lol about the therapy group! I should have at least picked a spot with better grass! We found one this evening though....closer to home with lots of flowers, so will hopefully take better shoes-in-the-grass shots there :-)

@patricia, yup, growing up so fast. She gives the sweetest hugs now. Let's plan and meet sometime...for real, for real.

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Lovely pictures Shalini

shilpa said...

i missed my tea sessions, your steaming cups are a delight :)

lovely, lovely pictures, shalini. love your weekly-wrap-ups.

Shalini said...

Thanks Anuradha!

Shilpa, hey, I need to add "weekly wrap-up" as a tag, so I can find them all in one go. Thanks!

Ah, missed it, but you had lots of other excitement....looking forward to your photos of the trip.