Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Being creative with business cards

Do you ever think of what you might have done if you weren't doing your current job? A dream job maybe, something that you really wanted to do when you were growing up, but got sidetracked in the quest to have a career that paid the bills. Growing up, I never spent much time thinking of what I wanted to do, but at a certain stage in school, I suddenly felt that I should focus travel or hospitality. For a while it was all about working in the hotel industry for me, but I happily lost my interest in this field when I realized that it would involve working on all the holidays! But, ah travel, that's always been around in my life. And I've even managed to live my dream by working in a travel agency, which was one of the most fun jobs ever.

Even though now my work involves the travel industry only in writing work, I still dream of designing my own travel agent business cards, imagining what kind of card I would pick. Ready made cards have speed on their side, so if you're in a rush, then you can have your cards ready in no time at all. Just pick your design, add your details and place your order. Selecting the right font can make all the difference without going overboard, especially if you want something a bit conservative. If you think about it, business cards are your first impression to the world, so they have to stand out, to be different from the competitor down the road.

Sometime back, I downloaded a set of business card plates where all I had to do was add my details. It came in a set of 6 different designs which I thought was an interesting way to look at business cards. You don't have to just stick to one design. Select a few different designs, but keep them similar by adding your logo and details and there, you're going to have a business card that memorable. So, be innovative and see the difference it makes.


Reading (and chickens) said...

It's funny how we think of our own dreams as things EVERYONE wants to do, but really, is that true? I've always wanted to write, but I've never been interested in travel, probably because my parents are big travelers and this is my way of rebelling :) But I remember them telling me, "Don't be a writer! EVERYONE wants to be a writer!" but...that's just not true. Uh, rambly comment, sorry. I think I just meant to say that we all have our dreams for a reason (that's my guess anyway).

Shalini said...

Yes, so true! It's there for a reason, often one that we don't even understand till the time is right.

For me writing was a happy by-product of writing loooong letters home from boarding school and college, from the age of 8 and a half to 23. I'd never considered it as an option of work or a career.