Tuesday, September 20, 2011

toddler inspired redecorating!

Having a toddler in the house makes you see everything in a new light. There is danger in every direction, sharp edges, loose wires, things waiting to be pulling off tables, odd niches waiting for little hands to get stuck in. I've been busy trying to make it all safe for her without going overboard. I mean, I don't want to childproof the house to such an extent that it's taken over by gates and the usual safety stuff. I want to teach my child not to mess with some things, things that I can leave out in the open, not dangerous things of course, but things that she will be curious about and want to touch. How else is she going to learn what it means to be told no? I have sorted out all the many wires though, and having hdmi video cables makes it all much simpler anyway.


shilpa said...

i agree. children should know the meaning of 'No.' i just have a 45-50 percent success in this case.

just make sure, there are no breakable or sharp objects within her reach. OMG! i just sounded like that aunt of mine. something i swore, i'd never do :D

Shalini said...

Lol, we all become what we fear!