Saturday, September 24, 2011

PosterBrain on my mind!

Ever since I've got into photography, I've got printing on my brain. I mean, with digital cameras one keeps on clicking away but what does one do after that? Nothing, right. That's what I didn't like about digital cameras to start off with. But then I realized that there were some really great options in printing my photos and PosterBrain was at the top of my list. The name's amazing right! How could I not want to print out my photos from a company with such a cool name! Printing out smaller photos is fine for the usual printing shops, but if you want to do some custom poster printing, then you have to go to the best. For large format printing, the ink and paper has to be the best, and if you're going to showcase your work, just go with the best.

So far, I've had some custom posters made from our trip to Kerala a few years back as well as a trip to Goa, and I've really been satisfied with the results. Next on my list are some even larger format poster printing, for a large wall in the dining room. I've been thinking of getting one of my shots of a window printed out large, to give the impression that there is a window there. Since I love to take photos of views from windows, I have several to choose from. It would be cool to see a view from a half a world away, as if it's right outside, wouldn't it!

The cool thing about PosterBrain is that they are experts at custom posters, poster printing and custom poster printing as well as large format printing so they are able to blow up any photo into a 24x36" poster. And best of all, they manage to do the printing and shipping overnight itself. Prices of printing start at USD 19 and shipping at USD 8, so I know that I can order a few without feeling guilty. I had thought I would place my order before my guests arrived a couple of weeks back, so that the house looked nicer and a bit different from the last time they visited, but I just wasn't able to decide which one I wanted to order. Decisions, decisions!


shilpa said...

oh that is so true! been wanting to have a kind of accent wall in the dining room with my food/fruit shots since i started taking pictures seriously. never have been able to decide which ones :)

will be checking out poster brain.

Shalini said...

That's really good feng shui, you know. To have shots of food in the dining shows an abundance of food and feeding people, therefore good fortune. Having a mirror to reflect the food also works the same way.

I know, deciding which one to print is the hardest part of the process :-))

shilpa said...

really? i didn't know that. i like mirrors. let me find a way now.