Saturday, July 02, 2011

Avoiding any Bridget Jones like moments

There's a great line from the movie "Fools Rush In" about what a waste of time dating is, when all one is doing the first few months is trying to hide one's real self, and then one starts all over again without any pretense. It's quite true, isn't it? If you've ever read any kind of magazine, anything from Cosmopolitan to Reader's Digest, you surely would have come across a variety of rules of dating, things to avoid, questions to ask on a first date, secrets about your dating history never to disclose and so on. But, what about the world of online dating? It's not really a new phenomenon anymore, and the rules are quite different, aren't they, especially if you go by the magazines and websites say.

While it might seem as the really stressful situation when you're in it, it's best to think of it in a lighthearted manner and take it all in one's stride. Instead of thinking of it as a dire situation in the Bridget Jones kind of sense, think of it in a more relaxed manner, so that you never, ever, ever end up in any kind of situation that dear Bridget seems to find herself in. When it comes to being safe on the internet, the rules are entirely new. Be smart about who you're talking to, be safe about what personal information you're telling about yourself, be wary of posting photos of yourself, and most importantly of all, don't get carried away.

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