Thursday, June 09, 2011

seeing anew

As with any trip back home, I have a really packed schedule. I try to keep some time for complete relaxation and then time for all my errands too, which I always seem to have so much of. This time was no different as I had tons of things to do, one of which I had been putting off for a while, a visit to get my eyes tested. Well, it wasn't bad at all and my power had just changed slightly, balancing the power out in both my eyes, which earlier was uneven. I decided to get new glasses, nothing too fancy, but more for just a change and having a spare pair. Getting a pair of designer reading glasses is not high on my list of must haves, but if they are comfortable and light and look good too, then why not, right? My new pair isn't used that much anyway, but it is nice to have a good pair of spectacles when one needs them, even if no one besides the husband and baby are seeing them!


shilpa said...

totally agree :)

Shalini said...

Lol :-)