Wednesday, June 15, 2011

photo: simple flowers

Something so special and simple about simple blooms of Plumeria, isn't there? I love these flowers and somehow, we've always had a few trees close to each house we've lived in, making it so tempting to have a few in my home.


Val said...

To me, these always look like they are made of almond paste and painted. :) I wish I could see them 'in the flesh' (or rather 'in the petal'), I've only ever seen photos of them. Very pretty.

shilpa said...

but, of course, their fragrance and beauty has lots of people partial to them!

Patricia Torres said...

Lovely.. lovely flowers.. Hope you are having a gorgeous time with the little one..

Shalini said...

Thanks Val...I wish I could mail you some :-)

Shilpa, actually, for me their fragrance was never the appeal.

Patricia, yes, as always!