Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a fun way to vacation

I've always been keen on traveling the country by road, to take a few months to explore the countryside, to not worry about the last day of the vacation before even the first one has ended. To travel without deadlines has always been my goal, but in this day and age, when one has to take flights and have deadlines, it's just about impossible to do. So, to be able to take a few months off in the summer, rent an rv and just roam the country would be bliss. Traveling by road always involves a good amount of planning, mapping routes, finding hotels to stay on the way, getting a good rv insurance quote to make sure you're not going to be stranded half way on your trip. And then, just to switch off, and enjoy the trip. Wonder when I'll be able to do all this! A few years down the road maybe!


shilpa said...

the husband can drive down to anywhere, but, for the kids and a motionsick wife :)
we have driven down to Goa twice from Mumbai and loved every bit of the drive :)

Patricia Torres said...

I dream of travel.. I make the plans.. Weekends come.. and weekends go.. and its summer again!! :-(

Shalini said...

Shilpa, Ouch...that can be tiresome. The Mumbai to Goa drive is really wonderful.

Patricia, Lol, you always seem to travel to the most wonderful places.