Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the appeal of a mini laptop

Ever since the new kind of mini laptops have come out, I've been intrigued. I use my laptop all the time and I love it, but lately, I've not been able to take it with me on any of my trips since it's just too much to carry along with little E's stuff. But, if I had something like one of the new hp mini laptops I wonder if I could have carried one with me in my purse itself. I could then not have such a backlog of mails to get to once I get back home and could send out photos sooner. But on the other hand, this way without a traveling laptop, I get to be completely offline for a while, which is a huge relaxation in itself.


Linh said...

Hi! Thanks for all the great comments on my blog and good luck on that giveaway :) We were just talking about laptops and desktops last night because I am in MAJOR need of a new one. So many choices to choose from...

Patricia Torres said...

Ive been eyeing the slim mac book.. not getting it any time soon though!!

What about ipad??

Shalini said...

Linh, Thanks for visiting and keeping my fingers crossed about the painting!

Patricia, I think that it doesn't have enough memory...would be good for playing around though.