Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what's on your grocery list?

It's been such a hectic time lately out here. There's a viral going around everywhere you go and as much as we tried to avoid getting it, my hubby caught it and then my daughter. So far, I'm ok, and I hope it stays that way. When someone in your family gets sick, even if it's just a viral fever, nothing else is important, just to nurture them back to health. My shopping lists this week have been all about things that will make them feel better, honey and ginger tea, chicken broth, orange juice, heartwarming soups. I'll pass on the thermogenic fat burners right now, thank you very much. All I can think of is for ways to get my baby back to feeling her chirpy self again. Despite all the hectic time, I did get to do some baking this week :-)

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