Thursday, February 24, 2011

shadow patterns

Don't you just love the way something how simple like a window grill in the sunlight makes a beautiful pattern on the wall. Before I started taking photographs in earnest, I never used to notice them, but now I look out for them all the time, and am thrilled each time I find a new pattern, often from the same space.

shadow of the window grill falling on the calender in my sister-in-law's home

a beautiful pattern created by the window grill and the sheer malmal curtains in my room at my parent's home. This is what I woke up to the last two months of my pregnancy, and it made me happy and filled with wonder each and every day.


Jasmine said...

By the way, I really love indian culture..decor and this stuff..
U have a very rich culture..

Emma at The Marion House Book said...

What a great photo project! I love having something to look out for.

Shalini said...

Jasmine, thanks for your comment. Yes, the culture is so varied...I too am learning about it all the time.

Emma, thanks so much for visiting. Having a camera with me at all times is such a great way to capture these little moments.

Kamini said...

It takes a mind filled with beauty to even notice and then appreciate and then to capture such beauty! All your pics are gorgeous...its easy to pass by daily mundane things and not see the simple beauty in them, you have that gift!

Ambika said...

Beautiful photographs Shalini!! Mesmerised by light and shadows, I am too, really! What patterns light weaves!
And thank you for your comments on my blog! :))

Shalini said...

Thanks Kamini and Ambika!