Thursday, February 24, 2011

Now is the right time to visit

The recent events in the Egypt and now several other countries in the region have led to an increase in tourism to Dubai in the past month and will continue to do so for the remaining winter months as well. This is the season to visit Dubai, there are sunny skies, warm sunshine and cool breezes that are perfect for lazing on the beach, exploring the various souks and maybe even going for a nice relaxing cruise in an old fashioned dhow in Dubai Creek. It's the time the locals come out in throngs to the park for picnics and enthusiastic games of soccer and stroll along the corniche at sunset.

There are so many trip planners who specialize in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, but many often just end up giving the same old boring tours and have not done anything to incorporate the new area of the city, to capture it's vibrancy as well as delve into the past cultures. When one of my friends wanted to visit, she planned her trip using Lets Go 2 Dubai Holidays that seem to tick all the right boxes on how to create a great holiday for both families and more party inclined people as well. Often, using a tour guide to plan the entire trip can get staid, unless they are creative about it, including new hotels on their list of offerings, as well as new developments in this rapidly expanding city. I find that the best way to really enjoy a city is to do a bit of both. Talking to the concierge and other people at the hotel and to taxi drivers gives a keen insight to the "real" city, not just the showcase. That's what makes one a traveler instead of a tourist.

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