Monday, February 07, 2011

good customer service deserves to be publicised

Customer service in this part of the world (ummm, it's Dubai) is not the best as anyone who has lived here already knows, so when someone goes out of their way to do something, it's really something. We had a problem with two of the wheels of the crib when we moved, maybe something in the packing got them all messed up or something. Anyways, so I called one of the stores where I had bought the crib...not the branch where I had bought it though....and the salesperson immediately gave me the telephone number of the installation and delivery department. So I called them and to whomever I spoke, I was assured that this would be sorted out immediately. It wasn't the manager that I spoke to, just a regular employee, so that was quite something. He never asked me when I had bought the crib, where I had bought it, if I had a receipt or any such thing, just asked me if I remembered the name of the crib and since I didn't asked me describe it. Then he said that someone would be calling me to come over to replace the wheels in a few hours, and by the end of the day, the crib had 4 new wheels. That's good customer service. And the name of the store, BabyShop. Good job you guys!


Yasmine Zedan said...

you know,shalini..I've read an article yesterday written by robin sharma..he was talking about (Leading with no title)..He said what you've just employee (who isn't a manager or any of those titles) who is doing his best to serve you..trying to be A PART OF THE SOLUTION,NOT A PART OF THE PROBLEM :)
I'm really impressed..this world can be much better if each one of us is doing his best ..

Shalini said...

I'd like to read that article, sounds interesting. Yes, so many regular salespersons go out of their way to be helpful but usually never get any recognition or even acknowledgment.

Yasmine Zedan said...

It's written in(the greatness guide) by robin sharma ..
Have a good day,shalini :)

Outsource Call Center said...

Yes! I definitely agree with you there, "good customer service deserves to be publicised" Many business/companies doesn't have good customer service nowadays. You can only count who have good customer service, so they deserves to have publicised in return.