Thursday, February 24, 2011

are you social at the grocery store?

Maybe it's just me, but I love to see what other people are buying at the grocery store. I try to figure out the combination of foods they will make and wonder if there is something that I should be adding to my list as well. What else does one do when one is waiting in the checkout counter lines anyhow? Yes, I know I can browse the tabloids and celebrity magazines, but I'm not going to learn anything new except maybe what the best weight loss products are or some such thing and is that really going to help me.

If I find something interesting in someone's shopping cart or see someone selecting some veggie that I know I should try, but don't quite know how to cook it, I'm not shy in asking them for tips. That always leads to interesting results, and I once got a great veggie stew recipe from a very helpful shopper. And I've often been asked how to cook okra when I'm selected mine! Oh, and if you're interested, I like mine as a dry stir fry, just mix it with dry spices and a tablespoon of gramflour (dry not wet) and toss it around and they fry it in a few tsp's of oil. Voila, yummy yummy and oh so quick!


rama said...

In this matter I am just like you, for i too like people watching whether is an Airport, shopping mall, waiting in the doctor's clinic, or travelling by bus and so on.
I never get bored anywhere , where there are people to watch, and I am also not shy to ask if i want to know something from someone. Sometimes I just can't help complimenting a person totally unknown to me.
It is so nice coming by your blog, and blog hopping is also one of my favorite things to do.

Shalini said...

Thanks for the comment Rama. Yes, I'm not shy about going up to people and asking them stuff about things. This became especially common when I was expecting and deciding on what stroller/car seat to buy!